User-driven development has finally been realized.

With 3 years of professional development experience following a 10-year career in marketing, I'm equipped with a holistic understanding of user-driven development, enabling me to seamlessly translate user needs into efficient and innovative code. Learn more about my background and experience below.

  1. Full Stack Engineer

    Seasoned full-stack software engineer specializing in crafting dynamic web applications with a focus on TypeScript, React (Next/Remix), GraphQL, GROQ, and Sanity for headless CMS/UI implementations. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to clean and efficient code, I bring a wealth of experience in leveraging modern technologies to deliver exceptional user experiences. Proficient in tailoring solutions that align with client goals, I thrive in utilizing my expertise to bridge the gap between design and functionality.
  2. Full Stack Engineer

    As a full-stack software engineer at Paymerang, I worked in a fast-paced environment, contributing to the development of complex web applications using a diverse set of cutting-edge technologies. My primary focus was on building responsive user interfaces using React with the Remix framework (JavaScript/Typescript), and designing/implementing scalable back-end systems using Hasura (GraphQL & SQL). In this role, I was responsible for the complete software development lifecycle, including design, development, creating unit tests, and providing deployment instructions. I collaborated closely with cross-functional teams, including product managers, designers, and other engineers, ensuring alignment with the company's business goals and user needs.

    Key Achievements:

    • Implemented new Onboarding process through the creation of an externally facing web application, utilizing Remix, ReactJS, TypeScript, GraphQL, reducing the overall time for onboarding from weeks to days.
    • Key participant in the migration from SQL Server to PostgreSQL, providing code refactoring in JavaScript, TypeScript, and C# .Net, ensuring that data integrity and that all applications continued to work.
    • Using React/Remix, replatformed main frontend application, providing a better end-user experience to customers. Additionally, used GraphQL for backend database calls to a Postgres database.
    • Provided valuable insights into conversion of DynamoDB to PostgreSQL, utilizing institutional knowledge, ensuring that the data move provided all applications the needed data.
    • Provided valuable mentorship to new members of the team, as well as, existing members, ensuring knowledge-share was a key aspect of the daily process.
    • Provided application support during rotations on the First Response Team (FRT), ensuring that all application support issues were handled within Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  3. Director of Customer Marketing

    Managed a team of 10 contributors—ranging from creatives to event planners to college interns. Defined the company's mission & purpose in a brand foundation booklet. Rebuilt the company website, taking lead on both content & development. Launched a company-wide referral marketing program.
  4. Chief Brandsmith & Managing Partner

    Acted as Managing Partner of the startup branding agency. Created and updated company digital presence to enhance marketing efforts through a professional website, and optimized social media profiles. Oversaw the agency's brand and marketing efforts to enhance its visibility and reputation. Guided clients through a structured branding workshop, facilitating the development of their brand story.
  5. Director of E-Commerce

    As the E-Commerce Manager, it was my responsibility to manage all online sales—from our website and from our Amazon Seller Central account. This meant that I worked in many different areas such as email marketing, conversion rate optimization, Wordpress maintenance, sponsored ads, etc.

    Key Achievements:

    • Acted as Interim VP of Marketing for 3 months after my immediate supervisor's exit.
    • Helped develop the PBfit "Opposites" commercial which was cut down to a 30-second spot which aired regionally during Super Bowl LI.
    • Created an Amazon inventory tracking report, and managed the relationship with our Amazon Seller Central consultant.
    • Managed the internal team (5 key contributors) and outside vendor that redesigned the BetterBody Foods website.
  6. Digital Marketing Specialist

    As the Digital Marketing Specialist, I worked closely with the Director of Marketing to develop successful online marketing campaigns for Revere Health physicians/departments. I worked extensively with a number of digital marketing platforms such as Wordpress, HubSpot, and Mailchimp.

    Key Achievements:

    • Managed the relationships Revere Health had with multiple online marketing vendors.
    • Implemented and fulfilled on inbound marketing strategies.
    • Oversaw all website updates—design, content, and technical.
    • Created comprehensive online marketing campaigns for physicians/clinics which included blog posts, pay per click ads, and email nurture campaigns.
  7. Enterprise SEO Analyst

    I helped many national brands and organizations grow their companies online through successful organic marketing. My main responsibilities included taking lead on planning content marketing strategies, completing detailed website analyses, and offering in-depth onsite optimizations for each SEO client in my book of business. I aided in product testing, created templates used throughout the company (such as the website analysis and landing page optimization templates), and trained other SEO strategists throughout the company.

    Key Achievements:

    • Managed over $80,000 in monthly SEO spend for clients.
    • Coordinated around 20 blog posts per month with clients and content team.
    • Successfully removed Google penalties from client websites.