Developer. Foodie. Storyteller. Entreprenuer. Photographer. Apex Legends Tryhard. Girl Dad.

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With a solid foundation in digital storytelling boasting a decade of hands-on experience coupled with a robust technical acumen honed through ~3 years in software engineering, I embody the intersection of two dynamic worlds. Learn about my professional journey below.

👨‍💻 Developer 👨‍💻

After dedicating almost a decade to assisting companies in narrating their stories through branding and digital marketing campaigns, I sensed the need for a change. Having successfully guided numerous companies through rebrands and website redesigns, I had acquired substantial expertise in HTML and CSS, reaching a level of comfort with each—this heightened my curiosity, compelling me to delve deeper into these areas, eager to expand my knowledge.


So in 2020, I decided to do just that. I plunged headfirst into the realm of technology, resigning from my job in Utah, relocating my family across the country to Richmond, Virginia, and enrolling in a rigorous 6-month coding bootcamp at the University of Richmond to pave my way toward becoming a full-stack web developer.

Primary Skills Gained

Bootcamp certificate


Immediately following my completion of and graduation from bootcamp, I landed my first full-time role as a developer at Paymerang—a fintech company based here in Richmond, VA. As a full stack software developer at Paymerang, I worked in a fast-paced environment, contributing to the development of complex web applications using a diverse set of cutting-edge technologies. My primary focus was on building responsive user interfaces using React with the Remix framework (JavaScript/Typescript), and designing/implementing scalable back-end systems using Hasura (GraphQL & SQL).

In this role, I was responsible for the complete software development lifecycle, including design, development, creating unit tests, and providing deployment instructions. I collaborated closely with cross-functional teams, including product managers, designers, and other engineers, ensuring alignment with the company's business goals and user needs.

Primary Skills Gained

AgileAuth0AWSAzure DevOpsCloudwatchC#DynamoDBGraphQLHasuraJavascriptPostgreSQLReactRemix FrameworkS3ServerlessSQLTailwind CSSTypescript
Paymerang website screenshot

🍔 Foodie 🍔

For me, food wields a transformative power that goes beyond mere sustenance. It's an immersive experience that engages my senses in a symphony of flavors, textures, and aromas. Each dish is a journey, a narrative crafted with culinary skill. A single bite can transport me to distant lands, evoke nostalgia, or spark creativity. Food is the foundation of my social connections, fostering bonds over shared meals. This culinary journey is my ongoing exploration, an art form that cultivates my palate and deepens my appreciation for the diverse cultures and traditions embodied in every dish.

RVA Grubs

In 2020, when my family relocated to Richmond, VA, I aimed to explore numerous restaurants and chronicle my experiences. To achieve this, I created an Instagram account dedicated to the endeavor. Lately, I've seamlessly integrated my love for both plates and programming, giving rise to a personally crafted blog.

This ongoing dedication to trying new restaurants in the area is more than just a gastronomic adventure; it's a continual immersion into the rich tapestry of flavors, cultures, and traditions. Each dining experience is a chapter in this evolving narrative, connecting me with the vibrant food scene in Richmond and transforming my appreciation for the artistry behind each plate.

Primary Skills Gained

NextJSPrismicReactSlice Machine UITailwindCSS
rvagrubs website screenshotrvagrubs insta website screenshot

💡 Entrepreneur 💡

I have an inherent drive for creativity and entrepreneurial endeavors. Over the years, I've created, built, faced setbacks, and acheived success in various entrepreneurial projects. Through these experiences, I've come to realize that the ultimate significance lies not in the failure or success, but in the lessons learned along the way.

Roxberry Juice Co

In 2019, my wife and I stumbled upon a struggling local smoothie shop that the owners were eager to sell. Recognizing its untapped potential, we engaged in negotiations, eventually acquiring the business. Taking the reins of all marketing and community outreach initiatives, I spearheaded efforts to revitalize the establishment. Within a year of ownership, our dedicated efforts breathed new life into the shop, transforming it into a thriving venture. However, in 2020, as I pursued enrollment in the University of Richmond's Coding Bootcamp and a relocation to Virginia, we made the decision to sell the business. Remarkably, the sale yielded a profit twice the amount of our initial investment. Though our ownership was relatively brief, our commitment to customer satisfaction and community engagement proved instrumental in achieving a substantial profit. The proceeds not only covered the expenses of my coding bootcamp but also underscored the success of our revitalization efforts.

Primary Skills Gained

Business ManagementCommunity EngagementCustomer ServiceMarketing and PromotionTeam Management

Moniker Branding

In September of 2017, I collaborated with a former manager and mentor to establish a branding agency from scratch. Seizing this opportunity early in my career, I believed it was the perfect moment to embrace the challenges of startup life. Moniker, our venture, aimed to lead companies through a series of branding workshops, empowering key stakeholders to actively shape the company's brand and identity. Despite investing considerable time and effort in building the company, I eventually had to step away due to the financial responsibilities associated with my growing family. Although Moniker didn't fully take off during my involvement, the journey taught me invaluable lessons. The most significant revelation was realizing my capacity to achieve beyond what I had initially believed possible.

Primary Skills Gained

CommunicationClient RelationsNetworkingProject ManagementPublic SpeakingShopifyStrategic PlanningSquarespaceWhy-based BrandingWordpress
Moniker Branding Agency certificate

We Are The Allans

Marking the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, my wife and I launched a wedding videography business shortly after our marriage in 2015. Operating in Utah under the fitting name 'WE ARE THE ALLANS,' we dedicated ourselves to this venture for a couple of years. Eventually, we decided to step away when my wife became pregnant with our first child. Nevertheless, the idea of resurrecting the business has lingered, and we continue to toy around with the possibility. At the moment, we simply have it on 'pause'.

Primary Skills Gained

Client RelationsEntrepreneurshipFreelance WorkflowVideography
Moniker Branding Agency certificate